Building  Brand Story

Hometown Roofing.

Identifying the Hero and the Problem.

Hometown Roofing, a small, family-owned business in a mid-sized town, was struggling to stand out in a competitive market filled with other roofing companies. Despite their years of experience and exceptional craftsmanship, they found it challenging to differentiate themselves and effectively communicate their value to potential customers. That’s when they decided to work with Colossal Reach to build a compelling story brand. This is the story of their transformation.

Hero shingle

Identifying the Hero and the Problem.

Hometown Roofing realized that their customers (the heroes) were homeowners who wanted to protect and maintain their homes by ensuring their roofs were in top condition. The customers’ problems included leaky roofs, storm damage, and the overwhelming task of finding a reliable and trustworthy roofing contractor.

Becoming the Guide.

To position themselves as the guide, Hometown Roofing began emphasizing their expertise and commitment to exceptional customer service. Their messaging highlighted the company’s years of experience, industry certifications, and dedication to using only high-quality materials.

Presenting the Plan.

Hometown Roofing developed a clear, three-step plan for their customers:

  1. Free, no-obligation roof inspection and consultation
  2. Detailed, transparent quote outlining the necessary work and costs
  3. Timely and professional roof repair or replacement services

The Call to Action.

Hometown Roofing updated their website and marketing materials with clear calls to action, such as “Schedule your free roof inspection today!” and “Contact us for a hassle-free quote.”

    Illustrating Success and Failure.

    Success: Hometown Roofing painted a picture of success by showcasing satisfied customer testimonials, before and after photos of their work, and highlighting the peace of mind and long-term protection their services provided.

    Failure: They also emphasized the risks of not addressing roofing issues, such as escalating repair costs, interior damage, and reduced property value.

      The Impact of Building a Story Brand on Hometown Roofing.

      1. Improved Messaging: By focusing on the customers as the heroes and presenting a clear plan, Hometown Roofing effectively communicated their value and expertise.
      2. Emotional Connection: The story brand established trust and loyalty by showcasing satisfied customers and demonstrating genuine empathy for homeowners’ concerns.
      3. Differentiation: The updated messaging and storytelling approach set Hometown Roofing apart from competitors, positioning them as the go-to choice for homeowners in their community.
      4. Increased Sales: As a result of their compelling story brand, Hometown Roofing experienced a significant increase in leads, conversions, and sales.


      Hometown Roofing’s story is an excellent example of how building a Brand Story can transform a local small business. By focusing on the customer as the hero, empathizing with their problems, and presenting a clear plan of action, Hometown Roofing was able to create a compelling narrative that resonated with its audience and set them apart from the competition. If you’re ready to start building your own story brand and elevate your business to new heights, contact Colossal Reach today!